Aromatherapy Services
Essential Oil Treatments

Raindrop Therapy
Raindrop Therapy was developed as a result of research indicating that muscle spasms and inflammation-producing bacteria and viruses that may cause pain cause many forms of spinal misalignments.  Once a body is properly aligned, it can function more efficiently and effectively.  This treatment includes a body massage.
60 Minute Raindrop Only $100.00
90 Minute Massage & Raindrop  $130.00

Emotional Release Therapy
Many people find that they are unable to progress in life and achieve their goals and dreams due to trauma from emotional and physical abuse.  Until these emotional issues are faced and released they can undermine your success, future, health and life.  The selection of oils used was created from research of the ancient Egyptian ritual of clearing.  Many people are experincing freedom from their emotional bondage and are going on in life with renewed excitement, happiness and joy.
90 Minutes $145.00