Creation awakens from sleep 
     The brittle limbs respond by greening . . . 
    the softest green . . . hues new and young 
Tender leaves emerge from branches dry and barren . . . devoid of life

But only for a moment
Youngest, freshest green . . .
the delicately colored green of new life

And the dew of the morning
nourishing and glistening in the light of the sun

Make the colors dance
shades and hues . . . light and dark . . .
in sunlight and in shadow

Leaves fresh, moist, tender, softly, lightly green
move to the gentle music of the warm breezes
and to the arias of the rushing winds of spring
And the rains that follow

Trained by the finest and most qualified caregivers,
health professionals and educators

You will emerge a healer . . .
finding within yourself 
a new beginning, a fresh awakening.

Hands that soothe the brittle pain of stress . . .
Hands that nourish dryness of the body and spirit . . .
Hands that bring forth new life.

Through your hands,
the gentle music of the warm breeze will comfort agitated emotions
stretch lifeless limbs . . . soothe injured muscles
calm throbbing pain . . . smooth the tightness of tension.

Those students who master these therapies are the students who give of themselves, 
and bring to the educational process the best of who they are.

These are the students who thirst for a unique professional education filled with
 challenges and innovative methods of patient care.

These are the students who are empowered to become a part of the cycles of life.

Life’s cycles continue . . . with days of well-being, days of pain, days of tension . 
And those who seek healing will emerge 
as do the fresh, bright leaves of spring. . .
nourished, soothed, cared for . . . .

Your patients will know instantly . . .

that you have been trained at Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy.

Your demeanor, your compassionate caring . . .

Your innate knowledge of the proper function of the body’s muscle structure . . .

Your expertise in the skeletal structure
and the nerves that can become pathways of pain . . . 

Your instinctive way of pinpointing stress and tension . . .

Your attention to nutrition and rest, and appropriate body kinesiology . . .

Your knowledgeable approach to the expertise of partner caregivers
and your skilled referrals . . .

Your well-developed understanding of the inter-relationship
of the body, mind and spirit . . 

Your sensitivity to emotional distress.

As you demonstrate excellence in these areas, your patients will know that you have given them much more than a massage.  You will be trained to give your patients comprehensive care that results in the highest degree of wellness.

No other school of massage therapy has gathered a faculty of such diverse health care professionals and educators.  Experts in physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health will enable you to be the best caregiver you can possibly be.

You owe it to yourself to scrutinize the professional credentials and the level of experience of the Body Wellness Center for Wholeness and Health Massage Therapy staff and faculty.  Before you decide to invest your time, your money, and your life to be educated and trained to be a massage therapist, you deserve to know that you will be trained by highly skilled, qualified and experienced faculty.

Discover the difference of Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy.

For your sake, and for the sake of the patients who will seek you out . . .
become more than a therapist who has learned the technical aspects of massage.  

Become a healer!
Body Wellness Massage Academy
Our philosophy and commitment to You