Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage
This firm to deep massage is designed to work out those knots and kinks that we all get from time to time.  The pressure used is deeper than the Swedish Massage but is not designed to change the structure of the muscles or fascia.  Working out those tight and sore muscles can restore range of motion and relieve pain.

When performed gently:
Evokes the relaxation response
Reduces stress in the body       
Increases circulation and oxygenation

When performed vigerously
Increases circulation and oxygenation
Provides stimulation that helps improve general body tone
30 Minutes $45.00      60 Minutes $75.00          90 Minutes $110.00

Deep Tissue Body Work
Often prescribed by doctors, this specialized method of soft tissue manipulation helps break down fascia that supports muscle tissue.  The fascia often binds with the muscles and connective tissues, which we often experience as hard knots in the neck and shoulders.  This technique is especially effective for areas of chronic pain.
30 Minutes  $55.00      60 Minutes  $85.00         90 Minutes  $125.00

Foot Reflexology
Based on the ancient Egyptian theory that organs throughout the body have nerve termination points that correspond to  pressure points on the hands and feet.  By stimulating these pressure ponts other areas of the body are affected.
30 Minutes  $45.00                   45 Minutes  $60.00           

Fibromyalgia Massage
Cross-fiber massage combined with gentle stretching techniques has proven effective in the treatment and relief of Fibromyalgia muscle-related symptoms and complaints.  Not every massage therapist understands the wide range of areas that Fibromyalgia in tells.  If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia look for specific training and experience before choosing your therapist.
30 Minutes  $45.00                      60 Minutes  $75.00           90 Minutes  $110.00

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy utilizes compression of points that serve as an external sign to the internal condition and provides a gate through which to treat the body energy, fluid and function of the internal organs.  These points are located throughout the body and are used to stimulate the body’s ability to release muscle tension.
30 Minutes  $45.00                     60 Minutes  $75.00  

Lymphatic Massage
Lymphatic massage is a light touch technique used since the 1930's to promote health and aid recovery from certain illnesses.  Also used to promote wellness, this gentle technique can prevent or reduce fluid retention, enhance the removal of toxins from body tissue, and support the immune system.

Lymphatic massage uses light, rhythmic touch to improve lymph circulation.  When the lymphatic system is not performing efficiently due to stress or illness, or when there's an accumulation of fluid from infection, blockages or damage to the lymph vessels, lymphatic massage can aid recovery and enhance lymphatic system function. 
30 Minutes  $45.00                     60 Minutes  $75.00          90 Minutes  $110.00  

Headache Relief
Millions of people suffer from chronic headache pain.  Although not usually medically serious, the distressing effects of chronic headaches include loss of work time and reduced quality of life, including the constant necessity to cope with pain and decreased enjoyment of family and recreational activities. 
Massage helps relieve headaches by releasing tight, shortened muscles, trigger points, and fascia in the neck and head.  When muscles and fascia relax and become more pliable, pressure lessens and nerves and blood vessels and circulation improves.  If your headache is due to an injury, massage therapy can promote healing and make restrictive scar tissue more pliable in the muscles and ligaments of the neck.
30 Minutes  $45.00                     45 Minutes  $60.00

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