Dear Prospective Student,

Welcome to the world of Massage Therapy.

It is my expectation that your time at Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy will be a life-changing experience for you.  The process of becoming a massage therapist or advancing your skills and training offers opportunities for growth in many areas of your life.

Massage Therapy is more than a way to earn a living.  It is a way of life.  Today Complementary and Alternative Medicine is one of the fastest growing health-related professions.  It continues to be used throughout the world and has evolved into many modalities of advanced techniques.

People often ask if there are too many massage therapists.  My response is no. There are many openings for well trained massage therapist in Central Arkansas and there is always a place for massage therapists who are well trained, highly qualified, empathetic and compassionate.  Take a look around and see the pain and discomfort expressed in individuals’ bodies and lives.  See the increasing number of people who need help.  As the stress level of our world continues to escalate, the greater the need for safe, caring, compassionate, therapeutic touch. 

If you choose the path of assisting others in their journey to health and healing, then you will want to be trained by the finest.  We maintain a high first time pass rate on Licensing Examination.  Body Wellness consistently tutors students who attended other schools but were unable to pass the Examination without further education.  Another advantage for students, much of our curriculum is approved for Continuing Education Credit for those who attend schools that do not offer the varied training available at Body Wellness.  If you are looking for a professional education, we look forward to assisting you in your journey.


Donna L. McGriff, MTI
Academy Director