is licensed as an accredited Massage Therapy Schools in the State of Arkansas

 Body Wellness Massage Academy, LLC.  offers a very wide range of massage therapy education. We are a premier massage therapy school in Arkansas

Our foundation dates back to the Oldest and most recognized school in Arkansas, our heritage goes back to 1951, when Arkansas passed laws governing the practice of what was then called Therapy Technology. The Farmere's of Hot Springs were instrumental in the Development of Massage Therapy in Arkansas. We are happy to continue the traditions of the Farmere's, as Martha Farmere was my instructor during my Arkansas training in 1991. In 1992 Body Wellness, Inc. Therapeutic Massage Clinic and Hot Springs School of Massage joined forces in West Little Rock.  Body Wellness Academy is the oldest massage therapy school in the state of Arkansas under its original ownership.  We are focused on graduating the best massage therapist in the region.  

Body Wellness Academy strives to provide the best and most extensive Therapeutic Massage Education in Arkansas.

​500 Hour Basic Massage Therapy Certification Program (BMTCP)
650 Hour Advanced Massage Therapy Certification Program (AMTCP)

After completing professional training in the BMTCP or AMTCP program, you will be eligible to apply for an Arkansas Massage Therapy License, and the Federation MBLEx Exam.  You'll be eligible for membership in the American Massage Therapy Association, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and International Massage Association.

You may also find a new way of relating to people and looking at life.

It is the policy of Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy to provide a safe, clean, healthy and secure environment for its clients and students.  It is the commitment of management that all staff and students uphold the highest ethical standards in the practice of massage therapy.

Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy does not discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, gender, national origin, or disability.

Conceived in faith and nurtured in dedication, Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy endeavors to educate its students in the concept of their individual wholeness of mind, wellness of body, and completeness of spirit.  They are encouraged to take these ideals, coupled with their technical education, into their profession to achieve the best possible results in their practices.  The comprehensive curriculum and standard for ethics are designed to encourage healers and graduate massage therapists dedicated to the healing process of the whole person starting with themselves and extending to their clients, their families, and their community as a whole.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age before the completion of the course, be a high school graduate or have completed an educational equivalency, be emotionally stable and physically able to perform and receive massage manipulations taught in the program.

To apply for admission at Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy simply fill out the an Application, supply the requested information, and enclose appropriate fee.  You may mail, email or deliver the application packet.  Your application will be processed and an interview will be scheduled.  After your interview, you will receive written verification of your acceptance or non-acceptance.  Applications typically require one to two weeks processing.

Students may enroll at any time after notification of acceptance into the Academy.  It is not required that you start classes at the beginning of a quarter since several classes are available to you at entry level.  For individuals who are not yet sure they want to commit to Massage Therapy School can take classes with no obligation to join the whole program.

To enroll, complete the Enrollment Agreement included with your acceptance letter and return to Body Wellness.  Your enrollment reserves you a space in the class of your choice.

The maximum class size is Six (6) in order to insure quality instruction and to maintain an optimum student/instructor ratio.

The classroom is a serious learning environment in an informal setting.  Students are expected to dress in a comfortable and appropriate manner.  Though comfortable dress is essential, attire must also be professional.  For clinical practice, a polo shirt and neat slacks (or Bermuda shorts in hot weather) are acceptable.

All times, dates, and/or locations are subject to change dependent upon student enrollment.  Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy offers daytime programs.  Classes in the 500-Hour or 650-Hour Massage Therapy Training Programs are offered on a Semester Program.

100 percent attendance is expected in all classes.  There are no excused absences.  Because a clock hour system is used, all curriculum hours missed must be made up prior to graduation.  Promptness is important.  Consistent tardiness, as indicated on the daily attendance roll, is cause for concern and will lead to a consultation with the Director.  Students are responsible for all course material and are expected to make arrangements with instructors to obtain information and skills missed due to absence.  Absence exceeding 25 hours is grounds for dismissal.

If a student is dismissed an appointment must be scheduled with the Director to develop a plan for reinstatement.  This will likely require additional course-work, additional payment, and delay in graduation.  Special charges will be assessed for private tutorials and testing by an instructor.  Instructors are encouraged to require tutorials when, in their opinion, student learning has been adversely affected by absences.

The Academy teaches skills for ensuring the client's comfort and privacy, including draping with sheets to avoid exposure of genitals, gluteal cleavage, or female breasts.  Classroom nudity or behavior that causes embarrassment of clients, colleagues, or the public is not tolerated.

Because the massage therapist is responsible for assuring that his/her treatment space is safe for the client to relax and benefit from treatment, the overall attitude imparted must be professional.

Students are expected to maintain a mature, responsible attitude toward their studies, the faculty and staff, and classmates.  Behavior as outlined below will be cause for dismissal:


A full refund, minus the application fee and student materials, will be made to students who cancel their registration 14  days prior to the first day of class.

A student who withdraws or is dismissed during the first calendar week of classes will receive a refund, minus the application fee, registration fee, books, supplies, and all other expenses, equal to 75% of the tuition,

A student who withdraws or is dismissed during the first month of class (calendar month) will receive a refund, minus the application fee, registration fee, books, supplies, and all other expenses, equal to 50% of the tuition.

A student who withdraws or is dismissed during the first two (2) months of classes (calendar months) will receive a refund, minus the application fee, registration fee books, supplies, and all other expenses, equal to 25% of the tuition.

Refunds will be made directly to the student within 30 days after written withdrawal or dismissal.