50 Hours - AP-101Systems Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 
The study of the human body and the function of each body system are invaluable in massage therapy. Understanding the anatomy, physiological functions, and pathology of the body is essential in the development of a successful therapeutic practice. This course is designed to give an understanding of the basic structure, function and pathological conditions of the body.

50 Hours - AP-102Gross Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 
This course details the skeletal and muscular systems. The gross anatomy and physiology course lays the foundation for structural kinesiology that is critical in your massage practice. Pathological conditions related to the skeletal and muscular systems are also a part of this course.

50 Hours - AP-102Pathology for the Massage Therapist
Pathological conditions will be explored from the standpoint of a Massage Therapist. Subject matter includes pathology of every system of the body, safe practice procedures, Treatment Planning, Pharmacology, Dermatological Pathology, Infections, Cancer, mental disorders, and aging.

75 Hours - AP-201Structural Kinesiology 
Understanding how the muscles work together to create movement is essential for massage therapist. This course will enable you to know where your clients will hold muscle tension based on their jobs, hobbies and/or other activities. An anatomical and physiological analysis of body movements with relation to the muscles, articulations, and nerve tissues involved. The primary focus is with muscle movement causing a client discomfort and techniques to help reduce their discomfort. 

35 Hours - EL-101Hydrotherapy/Electrotherapy/Heliotherapy 
This course is a study of therapeutic applications of water, electricity, and light. Concentration is given to hydrotherapy (Spa Services), electrical muscle stimulation, light therapy, color therapy, and sound (vibrational) therapy.

45 Hours - HM-101Health Service Management 
Ethical standards and scope of practice, licensing laws in other states, national certification, and Arkansas State Law will be discussed. SOAP Charting is a standard system of gathering and processing information relating to the clients’ health commonly accepted by health care professionals. Business development, marketing, business structures, management, and policy statements will also be explored.

25 Hours - HY-101Hygiene 
Students will learn to identify good health and personal hygiene practices, methods of prevention and control of disease, implementing universal precautions, information regarding treating clients with HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and development of a safe and hazard-free massage environment. Proper diet and nutrition has become an increasingly realistic concern in recent years. This class demonstrates how science and tradition can come together to provide practical understanding to students regarding how nutrition affects themselves and their client's health.

60 Hours - TH-101 Introduction to Swedish Massage
This course is an introduction to the history of massage, particularly Swedish techniques. The student will be able to complete a basic Swedish massage at the end of this course. The basic Swedish massage technique is the foundation on which students will learn to build their future skills. Correct body mechanics and posture are taught in order to create healthy habits that will be utilized throughout one's career.

10 Hours – TH-201Eastern Modalities
This course focuses on integrating Eastern techniques into the massage setting. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Ayurveda Therapies, and Japanese Techniques will be discussed.  
Information is provided solely for the purpose of passing the required exam for licensing in Arkansas. This is not an indicator of acceptable practices by the Arkansas Department of Health. 

36 Hours - TH-250Compression Techniques 
Students will learn basic application of Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, and Chair Massage sessions. This course includes history, zone theory, meridians, basic foot and ankle anatomy, terminology, assessment, contraindications, therapeutic relaxation and self help techniques.

24 Hours - TH-260Aromatherapy Techniques
An introduction to chemistry of Essential Oils, application, and precautions provide a foundation for the use of oils therapeutically. We will look for the research substantiating the effects of Essential Oils. Techniques and/or treatments beneficial for addition, attention, depression, calming, pain. Use of Essential Oils is a very holistic treatment process.

30 Hours - TH-275Energetic Techniques
This course looks at more subtle techniques such as Polarity, Reiki, sound and other vibration Therapies. Vibration Medicine is quickly evolving in the medical community, with recent research findings, we know how important that vibration frequencies matter.

60 Hours - TH-300Adaptive Massage for Common Pathology
Knowing the modifications for clients is always critical for successful treatment when common Pathological Conditions are present. Subjects include Fibromyalgia, headaches, nerve compression syndromes, stress, fasciitis, diabetes, and arthritis. Consideration will also address massage therapy precautions in special populations, senior citizens, children, athletes and end of care.

50 Hours - TH-315Integrated Therapy 
This course focus is developing and applying a reliable therapeutic approach. Course will focus on integrating different styles and techniques based on clients’ needs. Massage for chronic holding patterns and injury release is stressed. During this course students receive supervised guidance and practice in a clinical setting working with the general public.

50 Hours - TH-400Student Clinical
Course focus will be working with clients, client intake, documentation and office procedures. This is the time that students put it all together for the client. Focus will be on integrating different techniques and styles to better address each client’s needs.

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